Scoring Sticks

Some Mah Jongg Game Sets include sets of scoring sticks - the markings of which can vary considerably. These are used to settle the payments of scores at the end of a hand. The following table shows how score sticks can be used - note - this is an example only, you are advised to check documentation that is supplied with the score sticks that you buy!


1 Red and 3 black dots, value 2 points.


8 Red dots, value 10 points.


2 Red dots, value 100 points.


6 Red and 6 black dots, value 500 points.

Score Sticks

Stick Value Each Player Receives Value Per Player
Harmony 2 10 Sticks 20
Man 10 8 Sticks 80
Earth 100 4 Sticks 400
Heaven 500 1 Stick 500
Total 1000

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